Marion County deputies say a South Pittsburg man robbed two men at gunpoint at a rest stop near Nickajack Lake early Monday morning. The men are employees of country music star Brad Paisley.  

The sheriff's office says 25-year-old Michael Conner faces several charges including aggravated assault, assault on an officer, and evading arrest. 

Now, deputies are urging drivers to keep a few things in mind when traveling. They say if you're going to stop, make sure the area is well lit, always take someone with you whether it's to the bathroom or vending machines, stay alert and never sleep in your car. Sgt. Chris Ladd says these tips might have kept the two victims from Monday's carjacking safe. 

"When Mr. Husley pulled into the parking lot his partner got out to use the facilities and he left the truck running. He laid his seat back just to close his eyes for a few minutes and his door was unlocked," said Ladd.  

Ladd says within a few minutes Conner opened the truck door and pointed a gun at the driver. 

"He told him to get out of the truck," Ladd said. "Mr. Husley refused and said if you’re going to kill me I’m going right here. I’m not getting out of my truck." 

Ladd says Conner eventually forced the driver out of the truck and drove off in it. The driver called 911. Deputies spotted Conner about 13 miles away, but Conner led them on a nine mile chase down I-24 East.

"The traffic was actually starting to get pretty thick due to everybody heading to work so when it actually got to mile marker 157, which is close to where we are ended it, that’s when OnStar advised me they had the capability of slowing the power on the truck," said Ladd. "He brandished the weapon at a Kimball police officer and after that took place he threw the gun up in the air and it landed in the field and he fled to a barn nearby, which is where we located him in a hay pile." 

We're told Conner is a convicted felon, and is facing charges from several local agencies. 

"It happened so fast, but actually this is probably one of the quickest ones we ended in a while," said Ladd. "It doesn't take but a few seconds for something like this to happen and in this day and age anything can happen."

Ladd says the truck was returned back to its owner. He says there was no damage to it.