Callie Scroggins was five when she found her forever family. Now, she is 18 and giving back to children who may be in crisis like she was many years ago.

"When I was that age and I got taken into foster care, I didn't get a bag or blanket," Callie said. "I just thought OK, it's going to be OK."

And it was okay for Callie and her younger brother, Cody.

She was placed with foster parents who had wide open hearts, Dave and Sharon Scroggins, who after raising their biological children adopted seven more. 

"We all came from different backgrounds, different places, different people, but we all come together and we do truly love each other at the end of the day," Callie added.

Callie says it was that love that inspired her when she was choosing her senior project at Ridgeland High School. She came up with the idea of Kits for Kids, a backpack of goodies and hygiene items for police officers to give to children in emergency situations.

"So I just want to give the kids something they can hold onto and comfort them and kind of distract them from everything that's going on," Callie explained. "Something then they can have."

Callie got to work asking for donations to fill the bags. She received everything she needed and family helped with the bags.

"My brother and sister-in-law actually had these made and they paid for it all and donated it to me," Callie said.

Hours of work all came together when Callie and her dad, Rossville Detective Dave Scroggins, delivered the bags, eighty of them, to law enforcement around her area.

The last step was presenting her senior project to a panel of educators and showing them the kits.

"It touched me that this was an experience that she had gone through," Ridgeland Assistant Principal Sharon Williams said. "And for her to want to help somebody else that's really kind of like pay it forward."

"I just wanted to try to make other kids feel special and help them to feel fortunate, too, like someone is thinking of them," Callie said.

Her panel agreed Callie's was one of the best senior projects ever!

"Callie, you may be my first 100 percent. I've done this almost every time. I've been here for the last five years," Ridgeland High School teacher Chris Gehard said.

Callie will study nursing at Dalton State next year. Her life is a testament to the power of adoption.