A young man, who police identify as a gang member, is dead. The person who shot him told police they stepped in when they saw D’Kobe Jordan threatening someone. 

Police have not released the shooter's name, only that he has a gun carry permit. 

They say Jordan was pointing a gun at another man in a parking lot. It happened around 6:30 Sunday night, so it was easy to see, that’s when the witness stepped in to help. 

Crime scene tape still hangs from the light poles just feet away from where Jordan was shot and killed. Nearby surveillance cameras did not catch what happened, but several witnesses did. 

Defense attorney Jerry Summers said the shooter could be protected by stand your ground laws. 

“The question is did he use excessive force? The fact that a gun was present, it’s a dangerous weapon, and the question is did he act to defend this person? Did he act quickly enough to do it?” Summers explained. “Or did he jump the gun? As the saying goes.”

Jordan had a criminal history and was a known gang member. 

Channel 3 archives show Jordan was charged last summer with criminal homicide and attempted first-degree murder in connection to what police called a “botched drug deal.”

The charges were later thrown out because investigators could not determine who fired the first shots.

“I don’t know it’s a handgun person, if the person that shot him in this case, do you have his dangerous propensity of violence,” Summers said, “That would be a fact to consider. If he didn’t that would be another fact to consider.”

Police plan to present the case to the district attorney to decide if charges will be filed. When it comes to self-defense and defending others Summer wants permit holders to remember one thing: “If you’ve got a gun permit all it does is give you the right to carry a gun. It does not give you the right to excessively use that gun.”