One Cleveland police officer is trending on social media because he paid for a family's groceries.

Officer Mike Kelly says he was working a security job at Walmart when he saw a man and his four children trying to get food.

He saw there was an issue with the payment and jumped in to help.

Kelly says because he is a school resource officer, kids hold a special spot in his heart.

Friday evening officer Mike Kelly was working at the Cleveland Walmart on Keith Street Northwest.

Kelly says he saw a familiar face in line checking out.

“Mean, I just felt God telling me saying just go help him we're getting extra money to be there and I'm just like are these people going to go hungry When I'm just sitting here making a little extra money for myself?” Officer Mike Kelly, Cleveland Police

Kelly spent about 80 dollars to buy the family a full buggy of groceries.

“And I'm looking down at the little girl and the little girls looking up to her dad and I look in the thing and it's just Ramen noodles and I don't know if it's a financial thing or if it's just the card just didn't work,” said Kelly.

In the United States, one in 6 kids go hungry.

Kelly says several children are dealing with these challenges every day in Cleveland. 

“We see stuff that we like to forget when some kids are really hungry some kids live in bad situations and it's hard to leave at work sometimes,” said Kelly.

Students are getting ready for summer break but

5 out of 6 kids rely on free or reduced-price school meals.

Kelly says the Cleveland Police Department helps fill in that gap by passing out free breakfast.

“The cool thing about our department is they let us work patrol whenever we're not in school, so I see these kids and everything and I know which ones aren't eating,” said Kelly.

Kelly says he didn't pay for the groceries to bring himself attention but instead to encourage others to do random acts of kindness.

“Look for somebody to help there's someone around all the time to help maybe just food but maybe something else maybe just go up and talk to them,” said Kelly.

While we do not know the financial situation of the family officer Kelly helped, there are 40 million families in the US that are below the poverty line.