Construction along one of Soddy-Daisy's main through-fares has been going on for years.

People use the area of Dayton Pike to go to restaurants, the grocery store and Highway 27, but it's also an area some drivers like Buzzy Shinn try to go around.

"It's pretty bad around rush hour. I try to avoid it," he said.

Shinn is in the area a lot with his boat chartering business.

For him, time equals money, and he can't spend it sitting in traffic.

"But I'm actually going longer going to where I want to go, but I save less time driving further because of all the traffic backed up," Shinn said.

Talley Construction crews have spent more than two years widening the area, giving drivers more lanes to get where they're going.

Soddy-Daisy City Manager Janice Cagle said moving utility lines and weather slowed down the project at times but did not impact the contracted finish date.

"People look at Highway 27 downtown and think, 'Oh my gosh, they've built that entire road, widened it in less time than it's taken us to do this small project,' but those same construction people are the ones that work on all the road jobs around here," Cagle added.

The city of Soddy-Daisy paid 20 percent of the $5 million price tag with federal funds picking up the rest of the project's cost.

Next week, crews will start prepping the area for paving, meaning an end is in sight.

"And it will be really bumpy for a while, but once they get it all milled, then they'll start paving. Once they start paving, it'll go in a hurry and then that'll complete the job once they get it paved and stripped," Cagle said.

The project is also expected to make this area safer for drivers, which Shinn said is welcomed news.

"People have to try and be patient. That's all you can say," he said.

Construction will wrap up by mid-June, weather permitting.