Soddy-Daisy spent Saturday morning honoring local veterans.

 It's an event that's held every year and a gesture Mayor Robert Cothran holds close to his heart.

"They went and died and did what they were supposed to do and give us this freedom here. If you've never been to a war-torn country, it's hard to understand that," he said.

Cothran understands. He served in Vietnam.

Speckled throughout the crowd, veterans of other wars and their families listened to the 55 names and service were added to Soddy-Daisy's Wall of Honor, including Scottie Thomas.

He served 15 years in the Air Force.

"For me, it was September 11th. My mom begged me not to go, and I just knew it felt like what I needed to do," he said.

Serving in our nation's military runs deep in the Thomas family, dating back four generations.

"My father's name is already on the wall, my uncle's name. My other uncle's name got added today as well as my grandfather. So we were all three put together up there," he added.

The names on the wall reflect all branches of the military and reflect conflicts dating back to the Civil War.

If you would like to add a veteran name to the Wall of Honor, learn how to do so by visiting the Vietnam Veterans of America Soddy-Daisy chapter's website.