If you're driving through Georgia get used to putting the phone down.

Texting and driving is already illegal in Georgia, but in just two months drivers won't be able to touch their phones at all.

David Hayes and his family are on a seven and a half hour drive from Kentucky to Atlanta.

He said he can't go a mile without seeing someone behind the wheel and on their phone.

"Seems like every other one," Haynes said.

That could change soon. The hands free law was signed by Governor Nathan Deal on Wednesday, making it illegal for drivers to even hold their phones.

"Turn it off! Pay attention to what you're doing,” urged Hayes, “You're running 70 miles an hour- in traffic. You need to watch what's in front of you."

Georgia is one of just 16 states with the new law.

If you are caught holding your phone and driving you could get a ticket and points on your license.

Officers in Dalton believe it will help cut back on wrecks from distracted drivers.

They said drivers are rear ended in 48% of wrecks in the city and distracted driving is usually to blame.

"Vehicles are sitting at red lights and they're paying attention to everything in their car, their phones,” explained Officer David Saylors, “They think the vehicle in front of them are going and they're colliding with the vehicle."

Drivers can still use their phone as a GPS, but you cannot hold it. Officers recommend using Bluetooth.

Hayes said it's not a problem for him- we couldn't even see a phone in his car.

"Too many wrecks with people going down the road trying to drive when they've got the cell phone," said Hayes.

The new law goes into effect July 1st. There will be a grace period to give Georgia drivers a chance to become aware of the law. In Dalton the grace period will be 30 days, some agencies will have a 90 day grace period.

If you get a ticket, on your first offence, you can have Bluetooth installed in your car or get a Bluetooth device instead of paying the ticket.