A Chattanooga 8-year-old boy is trying to help save the environment and Home Depot is helping him with his goal.

The hardware store is donating buckets to help Cash Daniel clean up the Tennessee River.

Another organization in Florida, called "1 Piece Each" is also pitching in. The organization found a picture on Cash's mom's Instagram page and immediately wanted to be apart of his cause.

Cash told Channel 3's Julie Edwards and David Karnes on 3 Plus You Wednesday morning that his love for fish pushes the cause forward.

He talked about why he wants to get rid of all trash cans and replace them with recycle bins.

"Now it looks like a jellyfish and sea turtles mistake plastic bags for jellyfish and that is their main diet," Cash told Julie. 

"So what happens if a sea turtle eats one," Julie asked.

"It chokes," Cash replied.

If you want to help Cash clean up the river, he's getting a group together on Friday at 9:30 a.m. at Harrison Bay.

To sign up, click here to email Cash's family.

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