The Hamilton County Sheriff’s race is between Chattanooga police Sergeant Victor Miller and incumbent Sheriff Jim Hammond. 

Neither had opposition in Tuesday’s primary. The winner will be determined in August.

Sheriff Hammond is seeking his third term. Sgt. Miller from the Chattanooga Police Department will be the Democratic nominee and is trying to unseat him.

Tuesday’s county primary election had no impact on the race.

Both men were the only names listed on today's ballot for their parties. They'll move on to the general election.

Sgt. Miller said he would bring his experience as a Chattanooga police officer to the sheriff's office.

"When we involve our community and they trust us, they provide us information, we're able to solve crimes. Our community tells us they want to feel safe and they want to be safe, so that's what I bring to the table,” Sgt. Miller said.

Sheriff Hammond told Channel 3 the voter turnout from Tuesday’s county primary election is important to watch.
"I'm going to be looking at the numbers at each precinct because that's where you determine where you may need to beef up your strategy going into the general,” Sheriff Hammond said.

In three months, voters will determine who will be the sheriff of Hamilton County.