In Hamilton County, voters will decide who will be the Democratic nominee for the county mayor's seat. 

Mayor Jim Coppinger is running unopposed for the Republican nomination.

Aloyse Brown and George Ryan Love are going for the Democratic nomination for county mayor. 

If given another term, Mayor Coppinger wants to focus on education, job creation, and economic development. 

"We want to continue to build on that success. We've got some issues with our schools and infrastructure that we're continuing to work on. There's a lot of work to be done," Mayor Coppinger said.

Brown is a non-profit financial services executive and said education is one of her biggest priorities.

"We need a more focused and energized attention on the challenges that we face in our schools," Brown said.

Love is a cashier and wants to focus on those who have the greatest needs in our community.

"We've got a homeless population. We have those that have a job, but can't afford to get a home," Love said.

If Mayor Coppinger wins re-election, it would be his second full term. He was appointed to the seat when Claude Ramsey became deputy governor in 2011.