A Chattanooga family is puzzled, wondering who fired shots at their home and cars early this morning.

Ashley Brown's sense of safety is shattered.

"I just broke down and cried because me and my daughter sleep right there," Ashley said.

Four bullets pierced the front of the family's Riverside Drive home. One bullet went through a wall and into a bedroom, just feet away from where Ashley and her 2-year-old daughter sleep.

"I had to push my child to the floor and basically cover her," Ashley recalled.

She said she called police around 4 am, they told her to stay in the home, and a patrol officer would come by.

It wasn't until they were leaving, nearly 4 hours later, she found their car windows shattered and more bullet holes.

"A total of 6 bullets to the car," said Tynesia Brown, Ashley’s mother, who came to the home after Ashley called her.

"Did they actually send anyone to do a well check?" Tynesia wondered.

Police tell Channel 3 no records show a phone call coming from that home in the last four months before the report was made. The police report also states no shell casings were found around the home or road.

However, Tynesia showed us 2 casings she said she found in the road.

“Right in the middle of the yellow median line,” said Tynesia, “They were just sitting there. So we picked those up."

Police said they will go back out and collect the evidence.

Even though the family has a lot of questions, now they are just relieved everyone is ok.

"This could've been a different story,” said Tynesia, “A whole different outcome had that bullet went a whole different direction."

The police report also states one of the homeowner's granddaughters is dating someone who had their home and car shot at in East Ridge Tuesday morning. It states it happened on Fountain Avenue.

East Ridge police confirmed they are investigating that shooting.