Good Tuesday.  We made it to the upper 70s yesterday, and it.. was... glorious.  Today will be just as nice (if not a little nicer).  The sunshine will remain, and it will be a little warmer with a high of 81.  Tonight will be MUCH warmer with overnight lows in the mid to upper 50s by Wednesday morning.  Wednesday afternoon will be even warmer as we climb to about 84 with sunny skies.

Thursday will be similar: sunny, 85 degrees.  The ridge of high pressure giving us the nice weather also restricts the movement of air, ahich can become stagnant and create air quality problems.  We will keep an eye out for that as well as high pollen levels through the rest of the week.

Friday the high pressure will begion to recede a bit.  That will allow for more cloud cover during the afternoon.  The high will reach 83.

For Saturday, I expect some clouds in the morning and some rain showers in the afternoon lasting into Saturday night.  We could get about 1/2" Saturday.  The temperature will be a bit lower with a high of 76 in the afternoon.

Sunday will also be cloudy, but most of the rain will have moved off to the east.  With that said, a few remnant showers could linger through the day Sunday, though we drop the rain chance to about 30%.

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  • 8am... Sunny, 47
  • Noon... Sunny, 73
  • 5pm... Sunny, 81