UPDATE: A Chattanooga woman was surprised to open what she thought was an Amazon shipment, only to find a large amount of marijuana.

Now police are hoping to discover who the drugs were intended for.

The homeowner’s grandson said they were expecting a package delivery last Friday, but not the one they got.

"So, I was on the bus to come down here to visit my grandparents, and we got a call she was like, ‘Oh my god it's a bomb in my house!’" Tarek Stanfield recalled.

Stanfield's grandmother was expecting an Amazon delivery. Friday, she opened her door, saw a package, and brought it inside. However, when she opened it, she quickly realized it wasn’t hers.

"When she saw it wrapped in duct tape she just started panicking," Stanfield explained. "So she got scared and just called the police."

She called the police and her family.

Police called in the bomb squad and neighbors on Read Avenue said they were asked to evacuate.

"You know about the bombings in Texas where people were leaving boxes on people's porches and stuff like that,” Stanfield said, “So really, I was scared at first because I thought it was actually a bomb."

It wasn’t a bomb. Police found 16 pounds of marijuana inside the box.

Stanfield said the box had his grandmother's address on it, but no return address.
Now, the family is laughing about it but will take caution opening any future deliveries.

“I don't really think it will happen again since they got caught here,” said Stanfield, “I know there's going to be some really mad people looking for their money!"

Stanfield said investigators told him it's not uncommon for drug dealers to have a package sent to a home and then pick it up before a homeowner sees it. CPD tells Channel 3 that has happened before but did not go into detail about how often.

In case you're wondering, no one has claimed the surprise package. CPD is holding onto it if they choose to stop by the police service center.

PREVIOUS: Chattanooga Police are looking for the intended recipient of 16 pounds of marijuana after it was delivered to the wrong home. 

Officers responded Friday to a call of a suspicious package at home in the 1700 block of Read Avenue. The person who called had no idea what the package was or why it was even delivered.

CPD bomb squad was called to evaluate the item as a precaution. The package was cleared after the marijuana was discovered inside.

"If you are the intended recipient of this package, please stop by the Chattanooga Police Department," a CPD spokesperson said. "We have something for you."