Voters are getting ready to head to the polls Tuesday to cast their ballots for the Hamilton County primary election. 

There are a lot of positions up for grabs. Some of them you are familiar with but there are others you may know nothing about.

Many people know about positions like sheriff, county mayor and commissioner. Friday, Channel 3 asked people about their knowledge of elected positions, including register of deeds, county trustee, and county clerk.

For this election there is only one person running for county clerk.

Voters tried to guess what a county clerk's duties are.

“The County Clerk, I'm not sure. I would imagine that they would handle or manage all of the paperwork for the city business,” said William Visher, a voter. “Is that a good guess?”

Sort of.

“I, no that's what the register of deeds does. Okay, I have these mixed up. I don't know what the County Clerk does,” said Jackson Rodgers, another voter.

The clerk serves as chairman for the records commission dealing with vehicle registration, marriage, and business and driver license renewal. 

And what about the country trustee?

“No good guess. The trustee should be trusted. That's it, I don't know,” said Visher.

There's also one person running for county trustee. The trustee acts as treasurer for Hamilton County government, including the school system.

And finally, register of deeds. We found that some have a little understanding of this position.

“Vaguely, yes, they deal with property registration,” said Rodgers.

There are three people running for register of deeds.

There was one couple who almost got them all.

“The County Clerk handles license plates. We get our tags renewed and the register of deeds, I assume, have to do with property, real estate deeds and we have no idea what the trustee does,” said Allison and Tim Gorman, who are both voters.

Hamilton County primary elections will be held Tuesday.

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