A 12-year-old girl's quick actions likely saved her mother's life. 

The woman had a seizure in a busy Chattanooga intersection that could have caused a serious crash. First responders honored her daughter on Friday.

Serenity and her mother had finished shopping and eating lunch last Friday. They were turning right on East Brainerd Road from Gunbarrel Road when her mom had a seizure.

Serenity quickly parked the car, stopped traffic, and called 9-1-1.

"I was trying to calm down and focus because my mom was having a seizure and I knew what to do. I just needed to calm down and help her," Serenity Russell, the 12 year old said.

A celebration for her 12th birthday turned into a life saving situation. Serenity held her mother up while placing a jacket dipped in cold water on her head.

"The fact that it happened when it did, the fact that she took control of the situation so quickly, it could have been a lot worse," Roni Mothershead, Serenity's mother said.

Serenity's mom had that seizure a week ago. She's trained on what to do when that happens.

First responders were impressed with how the 12-year-old handled it. They wanted to honor her with a celebration, but didn't tell her until she arrived.

"They just said I'm getting checked out today, I'm going out to eat, and I'm going to a surprise," Russell said.

The nervous middle school student has never received this much attention before and said she was more calm when her mom was having a seizure.

Serenity was also given a t-shirt and hat as part of a token of their appreciation. They said she was the first responder on the scene because of the actions she took.

"It's kind of neat that a 12-year-old can teach us adults a good lesson of how to stay calm in a very tense situation," Captain Brian Bricker of Hamilton County EMS said.

Serenity also celebrated her birthday for a second time. This one did not include an emergency. 

As she takes in the recognition, Serenity thinks her mom should reward her with one more gift.

"I feel like she should love me a lot. Well I do so that's good," Russell said. 

It's a birthday this 12-year-old will most likely always remember.