Two local eateries failed this week, with the primary reason centering upon how raw foods were being thawed.

The New China Buffet & Grill at 3450 Cummings Highway earned a failing score of 61, because inspectors saw raw foods that were found thawing at room temperature and stored too close to vegetables, hand washing issues including no soap at the hand washing station and food was not properly stored in the walk-in cooler.
Local meeting place Bea’s Restaurant at 4500 Dodds Avenue also failed with a score of 68 because raw chicken juice (thawed) was being poured into the employee hand sink, open drinks and personal belongings were found in the kitchen and floors were in bad repair.

Bea’s is a well-known Chattanooga restaurant that has been open 67 years. An employee said that they expect to be reinspected Friday or Wednesday of next week. In the meantime, the restaurant is working quickly to remedy issues inspectors found.

"We'll get it rectified, I promise you,” an employee told Channel 3.

Other Hamilton County restaurants

  • 100 - Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse Bar  Brainerd Road 
  • 100 - Michael Miller Mobile Unit#2  Walden St 
  • 100 - Big River Grill And Brewery Hamilton Place Blvd. 
  • 99 - Lupi's Mobil Hixson Pike 
  • 97 - Mcdonald's 8601 Hixson Pike 
  • 84 - American Legion Post#95 Ringgold Road  

Catoosa County

  • 100: Rollin' in the Dough-Nuts, 400 Direct Connection Drive, Rossville

Dade County

  • No reports

Murray County

  • No reports

Whitfield County

  • 95: Los Pablos, 1513 W Walnut Ave, Dalton
  • 93: Bojangles, 884 College Drive, Dalton
  • 100: Pelican's Snoballs, 1501 Cleveland Hwy, Dalton

Walker County

  • 91: Ivy Cottage, 409 N Main Street, LaFayette
  • 95: Taco Bell, 15 Major James Clark Gordon Ave, Chickamauga