UPDATE: A former North Georgia teacher has been indicted for sexual assault by a person with supervisory authority.

The Whitfield Grand Jury said Raquel Spencer was involved in a sexual relationship with a male student for a year.

Spencer was also arrested for drugs at Northwest Whitfield High School.

She was questioned and searched, and that's when they found the heroin.

She has since resigned from the school.

PREVIOUS STORY: The Northwest High School teacher arrested Wednesday for possession of heroin was reportedly romantically involved with a student.

Whitfield County Sheriff Scott Chitwood said that the assistance of Whitfield County School administration, the student was able to be identified and interviewed.

From the investigation, it was determined that Raquel Spencer is currently involved in a sexual relationship with a male student; this relationship has been ongoing for approximately one year.

Spencer will also be charged with sexual assault by persons with supervisory or disciplinary authority.

Spencer submitted her resignation to the school late Wednesday. 

Eric Beavers, Communications Specialist for Whitfield County Schools, tells Channel 3 that once a case like this is discovered, the investigation is turned over to detectives at the Whitfield County Sheriff's Office.

PREVIOUS STORY: A North Georgia English teacher is facing charges for having heroin on campus.

Employees at Northwest Whitfield High School alerted the school resource officer to Raquel Spencer’s odd behavior.

Justin Gentry is a senior at Northwest Whitfield High school. He says he watched officers take the English teacher away in handcuffs.

“I was in band class and I caught the tail end of the cops escorting her out to the cop car. They had her in handcuffs and there were a couple of detectives,” said Justin Gentry, student.

Staff members reported 28-year-old Raquel Spencer’s behavior to authorities as odd. A school resource officer (SRO) questioned and searched Spencer. Whitfield County Sheriff Scott Chitwood says the SRO found heroin.

“We have no reason to think that anyone was in any danger. I think this is just an isolated incident, hopefully,” said Sheriff Scott Chitwood. “We don't know how far the history goes back and that's what we're checking on.”

It’s not clear how long Spencer has worked for the school.

In addition to teaching, the school’s student handbook lists Spencer as an assistant coach for the cheerleading and track teams.

Gentry was not in any of Spencer’s classes but says students were surprised by her arrest.

“I never think of any of these teachers like this but you know it's just a shock to me that something like this would actually happen around here especially being a teacher,” said Gentry.

A spokesperson for Whitfield County Schools released the following statement about the incident: 

"The superintendent is taking the necessary steps to recommend termination. The teacher is currently in custody. If she is released she will immediately be placed on administrative leave pending further proceedings regarding her employment."

Spencer faces one count of possession of heroin.

At last check, she is still being held at the Whitfield County jail.

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PREVIOUS STORY: A teacher at Northwest Whitfield High School was arrested Wednesday for having heroin on school grounds.

According to a spokesperson for Whitfield County Schools, students and other staff members reported to school personnel that Raquel Eleana Spencer was exhibiting odd behavior. 

School administrators went to check on Spencer and escorted her to the office where she consented to a search. The SRO found the substance, which led to Spencer's arrest.

Spencer was taken to the Whitfield County Correctional Center and charged with VGCSA (Violation Of The Georgia Controlled Substance Act) possession of heroin.

"The superintendent is taking necessary steps to recommend termination," the spokesperson added. "If she is released she will immediately be placed on administrative leave pending further proceedings regarding her employment."