The Channel 3 Storm Alert team measured at least 6 inches of standing water on the road on Winding Hills Lane in Hixson at 11:00 a.m. Tuesday. However, closer to a property owner's fence, it looked like closer to a foot. 

Only a few feet separated the water from the home.

Channel three spoke with Sister Lois Hurd from the nearby First Baptist Church of Hixson, who says she's witnessed this happening for 60 years. 

"That water rolls down, so this valley, behind Steve's house, we catch all of that plus, the rain that has fallen," says Hurd.

Hurd says there have been times when it's been worse, and the water has completely covered each side of the road. She says she knows the city has tried to fix it in the past. There is another way to go around Winding Hills Ln, she says to use Gadd Rd.

The parking lot of a grocery store in Hixson has also been dealing with flooding. The Save-A-Lot on Middle Valley Rd was about 1/3 under water on Tuesday afternoon around 1:00 p.m.

Store Manager, Crystal Carden tells Channel 3, flood water reached where the carts are located, about half way up the lot. But the water has reached the front doors before.

Employees say it happens every year.

In 2012 they were forced to close when water reached the front doors. The water comes from the nearby Chickamauga Creek, which creates a flood zone in the area. The creek crested overnight-early Tuesday morning, offering some relief. 

Then there's some good news to report about Boy Scout Road. There's a dip in the road at Dayton Boulevard and Boy Scout Road. This has been a problem area in the past. But Dallas Bay's Deputy Chief says recent work went into rerouting water to a nearby storm ditch.

Across the railroad tracks though, it was a different story. That property falls in the county. On Tuesday, the Dallas Bay Fire Department responded to two rescues. Firefighters had to help stranded drivers out of a vehicle stuck in the water near Boy Scout and Sandswitch Roads.

"We found two vehicles that were stuck in the water. They weren't submerged, but they were stuck. One was occupied, and one was not, and we were able to assist the occupied vehicle out of the water," says Deputy Chief Jack Brellenthin.

Deputy Chief Brellenthin says they also responded to calls about large trees on Sedman Road and Gold Point Circle. Both were massive, measuring two-three feet in diameter. He says they're expecting more calls this week since the WRCB Storm Alert Team is forecasting more rain.

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