Georgia ranked among the top states with the most aggressive drivers in a new study.

From December 2017-March 2018, GasBuddy examined how often drivers across the country drove aggressively, whether it be speeding, hard braking or accelerating.

The data came from the app's Trip's feature, which assesses a person's driving habits. The feature's goal is to help improve fuel efficiency. It also maps out when and where a person's poor driving habit occurred.

Califonia was ranked #1 on the list. GasBuddy said an aggressive driving event occurred there once every 6.6 minutes. The state also has the highest gas prices in the nation, which GasBuddy said is a result of the way Californians drive.

“Our findings indicate that states with densely populated cities and high levels of congestion are where motorists are more inclined to drive aggressively,” Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy said. “And with gas prices expected to continue to rise well into the summer months, simply being aware of how you drive can dramatically lower fuel costs, prevent damages to your vehicle, and make the roads safer for everyone.”

Georgia ranked third, the highest ranking state in the South.

Tennessee came in at 13, and Alabama was just one spot above at 12.

The top 15 featured 7 southern states:
3. Georgia
5. North Carolina
8. Florida
9. Kentucky
12. Alabama
13. Tennessee
14. South Carolina