If someone were to tell me a clock app would be the application used most on my iPhone, I would have laughed. Here I am though, sitting at my desk using the Worktime app while typing out this story.

Worktime solves a simple problem you may not know you have. Telling time. 

How often do you look at the tiny clock on your computer screen during the day? How many times do you reach for your phone to unlock it to see the time or date? Worktime is such a ridiculously simple app I didn't know I needed what I didn't have. A clock on my desk.

Worktime is a very elegant clock with large numbers, a list of upcoming events from your calendar, the date and temperature, along with a brief glance at the forecast. You have options to display a forecast for the hour, the day or the week. You also have options to change the theme, or color of the clock from pink to red to blue or green. I prefer the Mercury theme which looks very Appleish. It looks like an app that Apple would make because the font options are based on iOS 9.

Worktime is a free app for the iPhone and there are no ads muddling up the screen. An HD version optimized for the iPad is also in the iTunes store for $3. 

One thing you should do if you download the app is to plug the phone into a power source while it sits on your desk as the screen is on whenever the app is running.

The app hasn't been updated in quite some time and the developer told me he's had to move on to other projects and no updates are planned. It is working fine with the most recent update to iOS 10.

I know it sounds lame, but once you have a clock on your desk you'll wonder how you got by without it.