There is a Flood Warning for Lookout Creek at New England in Dade County until 7:00 pm Tuesday. It crested at approximately 12:15 pm this afternoon, 3 feet above flood stage, at just under 15 feet.
As the ground continues to get wet, the concern for more downed trees grows.

Sells Lane had at least 9 inches of flowing water in spots this afternoon. Channel 3 witnessed at least 100 yards of Sells Lane under water.
Due to fast flowing water this afternoon, rapids were two to three feet earlier today, where branches and decent sized logs floated down the choppy creek.

Hard to believe, but we needed the rainfall. The average rain has been slightly below normal since January 1st, and we've now doubled the amount of rain we typically get in the month of April. 

4 four inches of rain fell in 24 hours in Trenton, GA. This now puts us on target with the yearly rain. Locals in the area, however, tell Channel 3, they're used to roads along Lookout, being flooded.
In less than two years, the creek has crested five times. Just earlier this year, on February 11th, it crested to 13 feet. The last time it rose to 14 feet was January 23, 2017. The highest level the creek has reached was 21 feet, which was 36 years ago in 1982. 

A Flood Stage for Lookout Creek is in the forecast through 7:00 pm Tuesday evening. Expect Mason Road, Sells Lane and Curaton Mill Rd to be closed.
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