Chattanooga Police arrested a man who assaulted an officer Saturday.

28-year-old Joshua Anthony Rucker was taken into custody after he was found hiding in a shed behind a duplex on Portland Street.

Rucker, along with the passenger in the vehicle, attempted to leave the vehicle they were in after an officer initiated a traffic stop.

The officer attempted to stop Rucker from walking away, but Rucker attacked him.

Rucker fought with the officer for several minutes before breaking away. He and the passenger then fled in different directions.

According to the arrest affidavit, when additional help arrived on scene, they found the officer suffering from a possible concussion.

Rucker was taken into custody and transported to the Hamilton County Jail.

He faces the following charges:

  • Assault on Police
  • Resisting Arrest or Obstruction of Legal Process
  • Evading Arrest
  • Possession of Ecstasy (MDMA) for Resale
  • Possession of Marijuana for Resale
  • Stop Sign Violation
  • Drivers To Exercise Due Care

Rucker's bond is set at $49,500.