Victims in an attempted murder case say they're relieved a judge is taking more time to review the case before letting the man accused of opening fire out of jail.

Those on both sides appeared in court Friday for a plea deal but things changed with the victims addressed the court.

Michael Shavers is charged with two counts of 1st degree attempted murder in the shooting that hurt his ex-girlfriend, Ashley Harris and her friend Josh Maples in 2015.

Shavers appeared in court Friday ready to plead guilty to two counts of 2nd degree attempted murder, a lesser charge, in exchange for 10 years probation and house arrest with GPS monitoring.

Prosecutors said the reduction in the sentence was becuase Shavers testified on the state's behalf in the Lookout Valley Triple murder trial and helped land Derek Morse behind bars for life.

Harris and Maples appeared before the court saying they disagreed with the plea deal.

Ashley's mother Donna Harris spoke on her daughter's behalf showing the judge screen shots of threatening messages they say Shavers sent to the victims before the shooting.

The judge said the messages made him question if Shavers might be a danger in the community.

"I think he was in disgust by the way he looked at the defendant after he got done reading the text messages, he looked like he had disgust in his face," Maples said.

Shavers' attorney told the court his client is ready to accept responsibility and move on.

The judge ordered a pre-sentence investigation report to look into Shavers background and help determine if there might be a risk.

Once the report is complete, the judge will make his decision.

Those on both sides are due back in court on June 8th.