It was a terrifying and dangerous situation. Whether or not the bad guy intended to use his gun, someone could have been killed. Thankfully, no one did this time. With your help, he won't have a next time.

"On Wednesday morning about 6:30 in the morning the suspect went to a convenience store," said Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor Miller.

It was the 21st of March and store security video shows the bad guy arrive at the Jenkins Road BP in a dark gray Nissan SUV.

He headed inside the store as Sgt. Miller picks up his description.

"He picks up some items like he's going to purchase those," Sgt. Miller said. "He goes up to the clerk and that's when he pulls out a gun and demands the money."

The crook demands the clerk open the safe, which she smartly does.

"The suspect, after she opened the safe, the suspect went behind the counter, got the money out himself, and she fled the store," Miller added. "She ran out." The clerk was scared, but uninjured.

We are left with some not great pictures of our suspect: a black male, 5'6" to 5'9", 20-30 years old.

"Look very closely at his shoes, his hat, and also the way that he's wearing earbuds from a cell phone over his ear," continued Miller.

Looks like the guy has one bud in his ear and the other dangling. You may know of someone who routinely listens to their phone this way and fits the description. If so, you could be one phone call away from reward cash.

"Also, the SUV that you're looking at, it may not be the suspect's vehicle," Sgt. Miller postulated. "It could be a friend or family member's. It also could be a rental vehicle. So, if you know someone that, at the end of March, about the 21st of March, they were driving a vehicle similar to this, that may be a clue for you."

This bad guy has been nearly a month on the run. Let's round him up and get you paid.

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