People living in a North Georgia mobile home park, may be without a place to live. For years property taxes went unpaid on 28 trailers in the Stoney Point Mobile Home Park.

The Walker County Tax Commissioner said the back tax debt is thousands of dollars. County officials are now stepping in to get the money owed.

County workers taped notices to the homes, informing people the property has been seized and the county will auction off their homes. People living there are now scrambling to find out what to do next.

“We are going to end up on the street, because no one will pay their taxes.” Marshall Wilson has rented property at the Stoney Point Mobile Park for three years. He had no idea, his home was delinquent in taxes. “Our taxes are $13,375 is what we owe right now. There is no way we can pay it.”

The property owner is Tom Lackey, he doesn't own the mobile homes that sits on his property. That is where it gets confusing for tax commissioner Carolyn Walker. “We have contacted Mr. Lackey the owner of the park, we have sent letters to the owners but several of those have come back because the real owner hasn't been located.”

The title owners either died or abandoned their home. Walker said when Lackey purchased the property, he began renting out the homes, he did not own. “It appears a lot of the homes have been rented or maybe leased to own to persons. They have all these delinquent taxes and people are frightened that people may lose their home.”

Walker said the only way people will lose their home is if someone purchases the home during next month's county auction, and then refuses to rent it out. “If you bought it, you would have to work out a rental agreement or move it immediately with the landowner.”

A lot of the homes that will be auctioned off are vacant and in poor condition. Other homes in the park are unaffected and owned by individuals that have paid taxes.  Wilson hopes the money will be paid, so he isn't left homeless. “Got a sticker put on us. We are all going to be out on the street. Whoever buys it, if they buy it, they are buying junk,” said Wilson.

Carolyn Walker said legally the county cannot do anything to these homes, if no one purchases them at the auction on May 1st. She said they will sit here, until the next county auction in December.