UPDATE: Hamilton County Schools received several reports of issues with TNReady testing Monday. Around nine high schools were scheduled to test.

According to Tim Hensley of Hamilton County Schools, the school system received reports of login issues between around 9:30 am-10:30 am.

HCDE was informed around 11:30 am by the Tennessee Department of Education that all issues had been resolved.

"Most schools decided to just send students back to regularly scheduled classes while the technical issues were resolved," Hensley explained. "Schools resumed their testing schedule this afternoon."

Hensley added that some students began testing as early as 7:30 am, so some were able to successfully start and finish the online assessments without any technical issues.

PREVIOUS STORY: A technical issue caused testing jams for some students on the first day of TNReady state assessments.

Monday morning, teachers and students reported having difficulties logging into the Nextera system to take the assessments.

The Tennessee Department of Education said the issue was not a server crash or statewide outage, and was not related to the number of students taking the test. The TDOE said more than 25,000 students were able to complete their TNReady exams at this point today.

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