Hamilton County judges, mental health advocates and elected officials joined area law enforcement Monday to continue the conversation into keeping students safe inside the classroom. 

"It just speaks to, I think, a mulch-faceted issue and one that we are all invested in and one we are all working to address," Hamilton County Schools Superintendent Dr. Bryan Johnson said. 

Building security, mental health and reporting threats were some of the topics community leaders discussed with a team from SSI Guardian, a company that specializes in safety education training. 

Johnson said the meeting's turnout stressed the importance of practice and preparation. 

"To hear from some national experts around best practices and some ideas and thoughts around what we might do to continue to improve," he added. 

Central High School junior Jake Johns represented the student body at the meeting and believes mental health can be improved within the school system. 

"There are teenagers even that have experienced things in their life that's really traumatic. And I feel like having mental health awareness and having the right officials there to help them is something that's really important and saying, 'Hey, we're here for you. You're not alone,'" Johns said. 

It may take time, but Johns believes the meeting is a step forward in a national conversation that continues to gain traction. 

"I feel like community engagement is one of the things that's going to help push change forward," he added.