We're pretty sure that the Washington Capitals have a fan for life. 

The emotional rush of playoff hockey was on full display Sunday Night.

Even before the puck dropped in Game 2 of the 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs first-round matchup between the Capitals and Blue Jackets, one very cute, very tiny Capitals fan was put through the emotional ringer watching the Capitals warm up. 

As Capitals forward Brett Connolly warmed up for the game, he noticed a small fan banging against the glass, a customary sign that said fan would like a souvenir puck.

So Connolly did what any pro athlete would do. He picked up a puck and flipped it over the boards for the little girl. The tiny Capitals fan was over the moon. 

But before she could grab the puck, another tiny Capitals fan snagged the souvenir out of the sky.

The tiny Caps fan was no longer over the moon.

So Connolly got another puck and flipped it over the boards to her again.

New puck, same result. Yet another tiny Capitals fan snagged the puck from her.

So Connolly, now thoroughly invested in making the situation right, decides to make it crystal clear who the puck is for, by banging his stick and forearm against the glass.

Connolly's first attempt to get the puck over the board came up short. His second attempt yielded the same result.

Finally, on the third attempt, did the puck finally get over the glass, landing in the hands of an adult, who was finally able to get the tiny girl the puck she had been yearning for.

Her smile returned, her emotional rollercoaster over.