Representative Chuck Fleischmann stopped by Channel 3 to discuss several key issues. 

A bill that aims to give 76 acres of land to a Native American tribe will go to the house floor for a vote Monday.

Representative Fleischmann introduced the "Cherokee Lands Bill."

It would give 76 acres of historic land back to the Eastern Band of Cherokee. That land in Monroe County includes in part the Sequoyah Museum and Tanasi Memorial.

"This is something to keep a promise that was made a long time ago to our Native American friends,” Fleischmann said.

The land would be considered "trust status."

Fleischmann said the land was promised to the Native Americans decades ago.

If passed, TVA would maintain the right to carry out river control and would be able to build certain structures on the land for flooding purposes.

Congressman Fleischmann also discussed Syria.

He is praising the president for the air strikes in Syria. He said President Trump took decisive action with France and the United Kingdom.

The congressman called it the right thing to do to stop the suspected chemical attack.

He was not surprised by Friday's announcement and told Channel 3 it needed to be done:

"We had to send a message to Assad that this will not be tolerated and the international community should stand behind us because the use of chemical and biological weapons against anyone should be prohibited, should be condemned."

Congressman Fleischmann said the US could take more action against Syria if they do not stop the suspected chemical weapons attacks.