Community members are still trying to find out who is responsible for the death of Kentrell Provens three years ago.

Kentrell Provens was 16-years-old when he was shot and killed on North Germantown Road.

Krentrell Provens' sisters told Channel 3 the family usually gets together during this time but this year they wanted to have a block party to encourage community members to stop gun violence.

Teddy bears at a tree mark the spot where Kentrell Provens was shot and killed.

“He was humble that's all I can say; he was the most humble child I could ever meet. He was more humble than me and I've been through more than him," Curesha Provens, Kentrell's sister, said.

Each year his family continues to honor him by hosting a block party to stop gun violence.

“Everybody has lost somebody to gun violence in ours was the youngest,” Curesha Provens added. “So we tried to just bring everybody together.”

Curesha Provens said this event gives the community something to look forward to especially the kids.

She says there is a problem, but there's also a solution.

“If it was more fathers in their sons' lives, it wouldn't be this problem; if there were more community outreach programs, it wouldn't be this going on,” she explained. “If everyone just stick together, it takes a village to raise a child you can't raise a child by yourself.”

Curesha Provens said this type of violence is heartbreaking.

She says some children are misguided and wants them to see that the community can put the negative stuff aside to enjoy each other.

“It's a shame to know that people lose their loved ones every day to stupidness in the streets,” Curesha Provens explained. “As black people have to quit tearing each other down; we do more tearing down and we do uplifting and that's what hurts us.”

The Provens family hopes to make this block party an annual event to honor Kentrell by stopping the gun violence.