Two Memphis police officers took money to help drug dealers smuggle product into the city, a police affidavit reports.

Memphis police department arrested Terrion Bryson and Kevin Coleman on April 12th  after a lengthy investigation into the police partners. MPD said it first received tips in February that Bryson and Coleman were stealing drugs and money during traffic stops.

An undercover officer was pulled over twice by Bryson and Coleman. In both stops, the pair stole money from the undercover officer. Since April 5th Bryson made a deal with the undercover officer to move the drug shipment for nine thousand dollars.  During the negotiation, Coleman threatened to harm the undercover officer's family if the drug deal was a set up. 

Thursday...Coleman and Bryson met with the undercover officer under the pretense of smuggling 2.5 kilos of heroin into Memphis. After Bryson and Coleman accepted payment for the planned drug deal, MPD officers arrived and arrested the two men. During the arrests, Bryson and Coleman waived their Miranda rights and admitted to their role in the conspiracy.

The pair were arrested and charged with multiple felony charges.