In cases like this, when the pictures are clear and take was relatively insignificant as compared to the fear this duo induced and the penalty they will ultimately pay, you have to ask: was it worth it?

"The suspects may not realize how much trouble they are in for this robbery," Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor Miller said.

After all, these two just lifted a couple of cases of beer and the contents of a cash drawer, but as Sgt. Miller explained, they are facing large jail time.

"If you imply a gun or weapon of any kind," he said, "or if you use one, it's considered the same thing."

That is what the two men did. In the wee hours of a Friday morning last month at an East Brainerd road convenience store.

"We believe the suspects knew exactly what they were going to do," Miller continued. "There was a plan prior to them entering the store."

Once they got inside, they headed for the beer cooler, then to the checkout counter.

"When the clerk asked for their ID, they immediately told the clerk to get out of the way and basically pushed him out of the way so they could get to the cash themselves," Miller said. "Not only did they take the cash in the cash register, they took the cash drawer with them and their adult beverages."

They sped away in a black Ford Focus that was possibly a 2004 model. The surveillance photos are pretty good.

"Both suspects that you'll see in the pictures are black males that are about 200 pounds, approximately 6 feet tall, and both of them wearing hoodies and some kind of hat," Sgt. Miller said. "But, you can see their face."

If you know one or both of them, you have already recognized them and you could be just one step away from up to $1,000. We will never ask your name, so they will never know you helped investigators.

If you are ever threatened by a person with a gun, Miller said, this is a good example of how to react. Do as the criminal says.

"Absolutely," he agreed. "It's best to comply with their request and be a good witness. Try to see what they're wearing, what they leave in."

If you have good information, you just need the Crime Stoppers number: 698-3333 

That line is manned 24/7/365, and we will never ask for your name.