Facebook is rolling out notifications to its users to let them know if their profile was scraped and used in the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal.

As you are probably aware, this company wrongly accessed personal information on approximately 87 million Facebook users and used the data to try and sway public opinion leading up to the 2016 presidential election.

Now all users will be able to see whether they're information was used.

Tuesday, Facebook began placing a large announcement at the top of the newsfeeds leading to a security site that will search through the accounts. It will check your activity and the activity of your friends.

If it finds that anyone took the quiz "Your Digital Life" a few years ago, it will determine that all of their friends' Facebook accounts was leaked as well. For instance, if you took the quiz it likely accessed your Facebook Friends list and then gathered information on their account.

By now, it is too late to do anything about the Cambridge Analytica leak. The company has stated that it destroyed the data, but some reports show that it has been used again. No one knows what Cambridge Analytica ultimately did with that data.

Whether your information was used or not, Facebook is urging all of its users to review which apps they've given permission to access their profile information. You'll find a link to those settings under the box with the results.

You can see if Cambridge Analytica accessed your information by going to facebook.com/help and searching for 'cambridge'.

You must be signed in to your Facebook account to check the results.