The brother of East Ridge double homicide suspect Casey Lawhorn is opening up about losing two of his family members. Chad Lawhorn is struggling to understand why his brother killed his mother and then turned the gun on himself. We now know Lawhorn stole the gun used in the murders from a friend.

“What he did I think was monstrous, but I don't think he was a monster. I think he was sick,” said Chad Lawhorn. For as long as he can remember, it has always been the three of them.

“We had plenty of times together where we were smiling and laughing. We had Mother's Day dinners, events where it was my mom, my brother, and I.”

On Sunday, Chad was at his apartment in Nashville, when he received a phone notification. His brother Casey wired him $250, noting it was for damages.

“The first thing that came to my mind was self-harm, not any of this,” Chad Lawhorn explained.

He called Casey and his mother over 30 times. But no one picked up.

“I grabbed my keys, put my shoes on and got in the car and drove to Chattanooga,” Chad Lawhorn added.

He showed up on the scene to find homicide detectives at his mother's home.

Lawhorn said he is full of emotions, and cannot describe the pain he is feeling.

“I don't understand half the things that I am feeling," Chad Lawhorn said. "It was my brother, but he took my mother. I am angry, but I am also just heartbroken.”

He said the man who brutally killed his mother and close friend, and confessed to it on Facebook, was not the little brother he adored.

“It seems like a bad dream, something alien happened here," Chad Lawhorn added. "I do not understand it all.”

An older brother, and a son, trying to come to terms with what is next for him.

“Whoever that was took my mom and my brother from me," he continued. "They were the closest blood that I had; now I do not have them.”

Chad Lawhorn tells Channel 3, Casey spent time in multiple mental health facilities over the last five years. Doctors never said he was a danger to the public. He said Casey stole the gun he used from a friend while helping that friend move a few weeks ago.

Friends set up a  GoFundMePage to help Chad Lawhorn with financial needs.