A sewer line left exposed for more than a year is now repaired and replaced in response to a 3 On Your Side report. 

A Red Bank man contacted Channel 3 when he said his concerns were ignored.

For more than a year, George Bartnik has asked officials to cover two holes in the ground. One of them was over 2 feet wide and several feet deep.

"I was worried somebody might fall in this one," Bartnik said showing us the uncovered manhole.

Bartnik walks his dog in Red Bank every week, that’s how he noticed the uncovered manholes.  

He's been asking the City and the Hamilton County Water and Wastewater Treatment Authority (WWTA) to cover two open manholes for over a year.

"To me, I thought it would have been a hazard. At least to animals falling in or kids who are exploring it,” Bartnik said. “And no one really seemed to care about it."

Now, his frustration is finally gone.

When we interviewed Bartnik, he walked us to the first manhole and discovered it was fixed.

"Oh, it's been fixed! Look!" Bartnik explained. "A few months later, I found the other one which is up here. Let's see if they fixed that one. That's great!"

The second manhole was still open.

So Channel 3 called the WWTA, the company responsible for covering the manholes, and they agreed to come out and meet us.

Once they saw the open manhole, they agreed it was a serious safety concern.

"It looks like the manhole cover has broken into multiple pieces," one worker said.

Within minutes of seeing it, they measured it and made a call to fix it.

Bartnik is happy there is finally a solution, something he’s waited on for over a year.