Somewhere in the back of everyone's mind is the question: "How would I look with a tattoo?"

Tattoos are trendy now with people from all walks of life getting inked with quotes, dragons, barbed-wire, Chinese proverbs and Bible verses. A mobile app aims to help people make good decisions on permanent tattoos. 

InkHunter uses augmented reality to show what a tattoo will look like on the person before they have pen put to skin.

The user first draws a square 'smiley-face' on their body where they want the tattoo. Pointing the phone's camera at the design, InkHunter superimposes tattoo artwork over the smiley-face.

Users can choose from dozens of designs including most of the frequently used tattoos, along with odd choices such as Einstein, a Pepsi can, Charlie Chaplain (or Hitler, we couldn't decide what it's supposed to be) or an alien.

Once the image is projected onto the photo of the skin, the user can adjust the size and rotation. The photo can then be saved and shared on social media.

Users can use the photo to show a tattoo artist what design they'd like to have permanently emblazoned on their body.

We tried the app on our arms and on another woman's ankle and were surprised at the clarity and how the image looked like an actual tattoo.

Ink Hunter is a free app for iPhones and Android devices.