Nashville, TN – The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency’s has launched a new elk cam located at the Hatfield Knob Viewing Area on North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area. You can watch it here.

The new cam has undergone testing and is now active for public viewing. A link to the elk cam is located on the TWRA website. It can be viewed on a cell phone, personal or desktop computer. The elk cam, which is operated by solar power, will be live during daylight hours.

As many as 75 animals have been viewed at a single time on the cam. The area is off limits to any type of hunting.

Viewers are encouraged to visit the site often as the elk move around and are not in viewing range all the time.

“We know not everyone can drive to Hatfield Knob to see elk, but this elk cam lets you see them up close without any disturbance to the animals,” said Doug Markham, the agency’s communications manager. “Of course if you want to travel to the tower, and many people do, it is a great place to visit.”

The elk viewing area tower was constructed in 2005. Thousands of wildlife watchers have made their way to the tower located north of Lafollette in Campbell County. Elk were reintroduced to the North Cumberland WMA in 2000.

“The elk cam is a work in progress,” Markham said. We realize we might sometimes lose power or streaming service. However, we will do whatever we can to make improvements and keep the elk cam live.”