UPDATE: Casey Lawhorn, the man accused of a double homicide in East Ridge, is dead.

Channel 3 spoke with the Jasper County sheriff in Mississippi, where Lawhorn’s body was found.

In a Facebook post, Lawhorn admitted in gruesome detail to killing his mother and friend and then driving away.

Police said he also made the 911 call to report the deaths.

It took investigators from multiple agencies 15 hours of searching before they found Casey Lawhorn’s body in Jasper county, Mississippi.

“We stayed out all night," Jasper County Sheriff Randy Johnson explained. "I had deputies out all night. The highway patrol stayed on that side of the county. We continued to follow what leads we were getting.”

Lawhorn was off of I-59 dead in the woods, from an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound.

The weapon, a semi automatic hand gun, with him. Lawhorn’s body was just 200 yards away from the car he was driving.

Investigators were notified about the car around 6:00 pm Sunday.

After Lawhorn said in a Facebook post his car broke down on the side of I-59 in Mississippi.

Investigators found the car, but he was not in it.

They searched the surrounding area, but said it was too dangerous to send deputies into the woods.

"We really didn’t know where to go as far as going out into the woods," Sheriff Johnson said. "You’re in a rural part of Mississippi, there’s woods everywhere. So, we looked around the area the best we could but at that time it wasn’t feasible to just start sending people walking to the woods.”

Around 6:00 Monday morning, a K-9 and his handler searching the area found Lawhorn’s body.

It’s still unclear what time Lawhorn died, and officers say there were no 911 calls reporting shots fired in that area over night.

The investigation into Lawhorn’s death is still ongoing. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is taking over the case.

PREVIOUS STORY: Jasper County Sheriff Randy Johnson says that a body has been found in the Vossburg, MS area.

The Sheriff has confirmed that the body is that of East Ridge double murder suspect Casey Lawhorn. 

The sheriff also said in his Facebook post that Lawhorn's death appears to be from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

PREVIOUS STORY: The search continues Monday for Casey Lawhorn, the man suspected of killing his mother and a friend Sunday in East Ridge.

Sunday, authorities in Mississippi found Casey's vehicle, but Case was not inside according to East Ridge Police Assistant Chief Stan Allen.

WDAM, the NBC affiliate in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, reports I-59 was shut down at mile marker 118 in Jasper County.

There was a heavy police presence from the sheriff's office along with Gretna and Choctaw police. 

On Saturday, East Ridge police identified the friend who was shot and killed as 22-year-old Avery Gaines from Ringgold, Georgia.

PREVIOUS STORY: A public Facebook page confirmed to be that of Casey Lawhorn, the suspect in an East Ridge double homicide on Sunday morning, detailed the crime. 

In a post, Lawhorn admitted to picking up his mother from a bar on Brainerd Road last night and coming back home with her and a close friend. Lawhorn said his friend was staying the night. 

Once they got back home, he walked up to his friend and shot him while he slept on the living room floor. 

He said he then walked to his mother’s room where he attempted to shoot her and his gun jammed. Lawhorn described walking back to his room to fix the jam and going back to fire additional shots, killing his mother. 

He then walked back into the living room where his friend was staying, took his drugs and cash and left the home. 

Lawhorn claimed he wrote the post from his broken down car on the side of I-59 in Mississippi. 

Authorities were not aware of the post until Channel 3 reached out for comment. 

Police consider Lawhorn armed and dangerous. 

Channel 3 also reached out to the Meridian Police Department. At this time, they tell us they will be on the lookout.

PREVIOUS STORY: East Ridge Police believe Casey Lawhorn, double homicide suspect, has fled Tennessee and is possibly headed southwest through Georgia.

Police also believe he is still driving a 2002 gold Ford Taurus with Tennessee license tag number W0327L.

The victims have been identified as Lawhorn's mother, Vi Lawhorn, and a friend. 

The friend's family has not yet been notified.

PREVIOUS STORY: The Dade County Sheriff's Office posted an update about the search for a double homicide suspect, Casey Lawson.

The Dade County Sheriff's Office said a car resembling the vehicle Lawhorn is reportedly driving did get fuel at a Dade County gas station around 5:30 am.

The sheriff's office added that it is believed the suspect was going further south after getting fuel and did not stay in Dade County.

A spokesperson for the Dade County Sheriff's Office said they are in contact with the East Ridge Police Department:

"We have been in contact with East Ridge PD, and we are helping them in any way we can. They also agree, that there is no longer any reason to believe that the suspect is located in Dade."

PREVIOUS STORY: East Ridge Police believe the suspect, 23-year-old Casey Lawhorn, is in the Dade County, GA, area.

Lawhorn is reportedly driving a 2002 Gold Ford Taurus. It has a Tennessee license plate W0327L. It’s the car of one of the victims. 

Anyone who sees him or the car is urged to call 911 immediately. 

PREVIOUS STORY:  East Ridge police are searching for the suspect in a double homicide.

It happened around 5 am Sunday morning.

Police said Casey Lawhorn called 911 and said he shot two people inside a home on John Ross Road. When police responded they did find two people dead in the home, their identities have not been released at this time.

Police said Lawhorn stayed on the phone with dispatch for about 20 minutes. Lawhorn said he was headed to Mowbray. He is believed to be armed.

Lawhorn is believed to be in a white 93 Chevy Lumina with Tennessee tags. He is around 5’5' and 108 pounds.

Anyone who sees him or the car is urged to call 911 immediately.