The community of Rossville and surrounding areas has stepped up their game, in effort to give back. People have donated  everything from books, magazines to movies at the Rossville Public Library.

Library officials has turned those donations into their annual book fair in hopes to fund their ongoing learning programs.  

One library member says, "the reason why we donated these items is to assist learning programs that Rossville library has to offer not only for our youth but adults as well". 

The book fair is taking place at the Rossville Public Library in the Bowers Boardroom, which will only be open during library hours.

 An library associate says, "there are tons of quality books still available and range anywhere from 2 cents to $2.00".  

The Rossville Public Library is located at 504 McFarland Ave, Rossville, GA.

Library Hours are: Tuesday 9-6, Wednesday 9-5, Thursday 10-7, and Saturday 10-2

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