Downtown Chattanooga is striving to be more bicycle friendly by adding more lanes for cyclists, but some bicyclists say drivers aren't sharing the road. 

They say as traffic continues to build as a result of new residents and businesses cars are blocking bike lanes. 

After biking for years Matt Stevens decided to strap a GoPro camera to his helmet. It started as a way for Stevens to record his rides in case he was ever in an accident, but it quickly turned into way to showcase the dangers bikers like him face almost everyday.

Stevens and his family have lived in Highland Park for five years. Instead of driving, Stevens bikes about two miles to downtown Chattanooga for work at least three times a week. 

But his safety quickly became a concern.

"The biggest issues we run into is the lack of awareness for bicyclists," said Stevens. "Several experiences I had I was like I can tell people this, but it's a lot more impactful if I can actually show them." 

One Saturday afternoon, Stevens made the familiar trip downtown with his GoPro and two-year-old son in a trailer hooked up to his bike. 

"I was actually surprised at how many things I ran across. Usually it's just one or two, but that day for whatever reason it was just one after the other. I'm like, are you kidding me?" 

Stevens captured video people walking in bike lanes, cars parked in them, and some close calls.

Channel 3 asked Blythe Bailey with the Chattanooga Department of Transportation what he thought about this. 

"Ultimately you can't enforce everybody to behave the right way. Everybody has a responsibility to be safe in the urban environment, including us in terms of making it clear what people are supposed to do; trying to make people do it cautiously and slowly and having an enforcement mechanism when people don't do it.," said Bailey. "We want our streets to be comfortable and usable for all people doing all different things that they can within reason and within the space that we've got."

Bailey says the city plans to implement more lanes and routes for bicyclists and more transportation options for everyone. To learn more click here

In Tennessee, a bicycle is legally defined as a vehicle when on the road or highway. bicyclists also have most of the rights and responsibilities as  car and truck drivers.