Residents asked the Signal Mountain Planning Commission not to recommend a proposed development of a chain grocery store to the town council.

Citizens went back and forth about bringing in big box store to compete with Pruett's Market, the only grocery store on the mountain.

“All you have to do is drive down the mountain it's a whopping 11 minutes to get to the grocery store we personally like Pruett,” said Roger Davis.

“People don't have to leave to buy every single thing every time,” said Jonathan Campbell who is for the development.

Lane Ford, is against the new development, his neighborhood sits behind the proposed grocery store and says he's not looking forward to the noise and bright lights.

“I don't think anyone moved up here for that purpose at least I didn't. I moved up here because it was a small town feel, a bedroom community. It's a peaceful place to live,” said Lane Ford, against development.

Joanna Holland owns Mountaintop Toys she says this development could tear her store down but she's willing to make the sacrifice.

“This could totally take me out of business, but I still feel that this is best for the community and the businesses as a whole,” said Joanna Holland, owner of Mountaintop Toys.

Jonathan Campbell grew up on Signal Mountain and says this new business could help the town's economy.


“That's going to increase your property value, look at north Chattanooga. It was a wasteland now it's $1 million to be able to walk to a store,” said Jonathan Campbell, pro development.

As it turned out the planning commission voted 6 to 1 against recommending this proposal to the town council. However, the council can still approve this development without the recommendation.