Thousands of people took part in a decade long Easter tradition Sunday, Easter at Coolidge.

Colorful eggs covered the grass at Coolidge Park, and thousands of kids anxiously lined up for the annual Easter egg hunt. More than 100,000 plastic eggs filled with candy were scattered across the park.

"It's very exciting that we get to hunt a bunch of eggs,” Jaylynn Collins said while she waited with her family, “It's just awesome."

The hunt is exciting for the kids, and it's also a time for families from all different walks of life to come together.

"Regardless of which part of Chattanooga you're from, it's a great opportunity to come and be part of a community involvement," said Brian Smith, Stuart Heights Baptist Church Associate Pastor.

"Easter's always meant something growing up and being together as a family so I want to keep that tradition alive," said Donald Swafford, who was there with his family.

Stuart Heights Baptist Church and Iglesia Bautista de Chattanooga partnered to put on the event.

It's no easy task, with more than 300 volunteers making it all possible.

"It's a great gift to the city,” said Pastor Smith, “It's a great time for folks to come out and just enjoy being together but also to enjoy and recognize why we celebrate what we do."

After the egg hunt, the community gathered to sing. This year, they added a Spanish worship to the event.

"My favorite part is the music,” said Pastor Smith, “It's a great opportunity to hear that many thousands of people singing worship and praise. It's a great thing."

Planning for next year’s Easter at Coolidge has already started.