A proposal is a moment that will surely be remembered — even more so if you are trolled while it is taking place.

Allison Barron was completely surprised when her boyfriend of over two years, Levi Bliss, proposed to her, but both were taken aback by the joke Barron’s dad had up his sleeve.

The couple was going to take their dog for his daily walk March 24 in the desert in Winnemucca, Nevada, when Barron saw large letters on the ground saying, “Marry Me?” — a romantic proposal orchestrated by Bliss.

After Barron joyously said yes, the couple was greeted by loved ones who were hiding away capturing the moment. However, a family member in the crowd stood out from the rest.

On top of a hill stood Barron’s dad, Jake, holding a white sign with black letters that read, “Say No.”

Don’t worry, though. Barron said it was all in good fun.

“Levi and I started laughing right away,” she said, adding that Bliss asked her dad for his permission to marry her beforehand and even helped out preparing for the proposal. She said her dad’s prank was just a joke.

“My dad was completely joking with the sign and really likes Levi,” Barron said.

“It’s really just his personality.”

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