A man was taken into custody Tuesday afternoon for allegedly assaulting a child.

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office said Raymond Harden Jr. allegedly threw a cell phone, which hit his son in the eye. He also reportedly threw the young boy through the window of his vehicle while it was stopped.

The incident happened while Harden Jr. was sitting near the intersection of North Dent Road and Thrasher with his girlfriend, her daughter and his son. 

HCSO PIO Matt Lea said the altercation took place while Harden was waiting for his son's biological mother to pick the child up.  He threw the boy out the window when the mother pulled up and approached his vehicle.

Witnesses told deputies that Harden spun off and nearly ran over the child in the process. He traveled south on N. Dent Road.

Deputies found Harden at his home on Moses Road and took him into custody.

His son was taken to an area hospital with what appear to be non-life-threatening injuries.

Harden's girlfriend told deputies that prior to the altercation with his son, he had also elbowed her daughter in the chin.

Harden was charged with one count of aggravated child abuse and one count of simple child abuse.

He is awaiting booking at the Hamilton County Jail.