Reviewing new smartphones is so predictable. "The best (iPhone, Galaxy, One, Moto) ever!", or "the best camera", or "fastest." Every new smartphone is better than the previous model. The question is "should I upgrade?"

Samsung's newest flagship, the Galaxy S9 is a worthy upgrade IF the camera is what you care about.

The S9, released last week, has the best Samsung camera ever. A 12mp rear-facing camera that shoots with not one but two apertures which allows shots to be taken closer to what the human eye sees. It adjusts to low or imperfect light and it does it well. I tried it in several different settings. In almost-dark the S9 took a better picture than the iPhone X though blacks were blacker with the X.

When I took a few photos in low-light with a bright picture window behind the subjects, the Galaxy's camera brightened up the room and negated the back-light just the right amount. I like that it also took two images, one in close-up and another in wide screen. I could see the difference in the amount of light the lens allowed into the camera, I mean the smartphone.

In pro or Live Focus mode, the camera allowed me to choose how much blur to put behind the subjects. This turned what would normally be a snapshot into a photo that appeared to have been taken with a professional DSLR (though I'm not going to argue that it was just as good as from a pro camera).

The Galaxy S9 also has an interesting feature that captured a selfie and then created an animated emoji of the person taking the shot. Once the emoji was created, the S9 turned the animation into several different options that could be shared in a text message or on social media. It was actually a lot of fun and it made me look 20 years younger.

Other camera modes include several for selfies, panorama, super-slow-mo video and even a special mode for food shots (for people who still post their lunch photos to Instagram).

I still prefer the Samsung Galaxy's screen to the iPhone's. The curved class which covers the edges makes me hate the iPhone X notch even more.

Though I don't know if I will be switching totally from the Apple eco-system, I do like the Samsung Galaxy S9 and while some may think it isn't enough of an improvement to upgrade from the S8, I'm not so sure. If the camera is what you use the most, the Galaxy S9 will not disappoint.