UPDATE: A Soddy-Daisy ministry is moving forward with projects less than a week after losing everything in a fire. 

Officials aren't sure what started the fire that caused $20,000 worth of damages. 

Breaking down what's left of their shed and materials, these men are reminded 'to everything there is a season.'

"I had a lot of questions in my mind about the future and where to go from here," Neighborhood Helpers Volunteer Ministry Co-Coordinator Richard Smith said. 

This week, fire ravaged the place where the volunteer ministry stored tools and supplies to make home repairs and renovations for those who need a helping hand. 

Within hours of losing everything, the community was there to support the team known for supporting others. 

Donations, like a couple of saws, started coming in from those who wanted to help. 

"It's better than anything that we've ever had. It's a very nice saw," Smith said. 

Then, through the generosity of others and a little prayer, Neighborhood Helpers started building again. 

"Yesterday, we used Glen's truck for sawhorses and built module on the back of his truck and hauled them to a job site in Red Bank," he said. 

And they completed this ramp. 

A project, Smith said, this team needed just as much as the woman they built it for. 

A sign, he said, let him know it was going to be okay. 

"A blessing to see how people step up to the plate and respond to the need," he said. 

Neighborhood Helpers say they are always looking for more people that want to help build. If you want to help them or want to donate, visit their website.

Donations can also be sent to P.O. Box 771, Soddy-Daisy, TN 37384.

PREVIOUS STORY: A local non-profit in Soddy-Daisy went up into flames overnight. The organization that is known for helping others now needs help themselves. It happened at the Neighborhood Helpers Volunteer Ministry facility on Card Road.

When firefighters first received the call Monday night, they didn't have to travel far because the fire was just across the street.

"There was a 67-year-old lady that was scooting on her bottom down 14 steps to get out of the house before the ramp was built,” Stanley Coffman remembered.

It's just one of the 271 one stories Stanley Coffman and this non-profit reflect on nine years later. The organization makes home repairs and renovations for those that need a helping hand.

"It makes it much easier for them to get out and have a higher quality of life, it also makes it much safer for them in case of a fire they're able to get out of the house much quicker,” he said.

Overnight, the tables turned, as a raging fire burned the organizations storage to the ground.

"Pretty much had to wait for the gasoline to settle and burn off before we can even get it out," said Mike Guffey, Soddy Daisy Fire Chief.

The ministry stored wood, tools, gas, and propane tanks. The necessary items to build, but it was those same items that made the fire spread so quickly.

"There’s so much fire load in there, so much combustibles it's going to be a nightmare to try and figure out what started it,” Chief Guffey said.

Last year, the non-profit constructed 241 ramps, each cost about $1,000 in materials. All of it is provided through community donations.

Hours before the fire, the group completed their 271st ramp and with plans for the next one that's now on hold.

"Ramp 272 scheduled for today which obviously is being postponed for a day or two,” Coffman explained.

Neighborhood Helpers doesn't ask for a penny in return, with each ramp they build they leave a bible signed by the volunteers and their favorite verses.

“The two things that we ask is that they read those bible verses and that they tell people that the love of Jesus built that ramp,” he said.

The fire department estimates the damages at $20,000, a big hit for a local nonprofit.

Investigators say the structure and the contents inside is a total loss.

It takes about 12 volunteers to complete each ramp they build.

Neighborhood Helpers say they are always looking for more people that want to help build. If you want to help them, or want to donate visit their website.

ORIGINAL STORY: A storage building used by a non-profit in Soddy Daisy was destroyed by fire Monday night.

The fire started shortly before 10:00 p.m. at the intersection of Dayton Pike at Card Road.

Soddy Daisy Fire Chief Mike Guffey tells Channel 3, the building was used by Neighborhood Helpers Volunteer Ministries to store donations, which are given to people who fall on hard times "due to health, physical condition, or finances."

Chief Guffey says the building is a total loss, along with the items stored in it.

No one was injured.

The cause of the fire is unknown and under investigation.

Channel 3 is working to learn more. 

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