UPDATE: Wednesday as Volkswagen took the wraps off the New Atlas Cross Sport 5-seat SUV that will be built in Chattanooga, the automaker also surprised the audience with a new vehicle, the Atlas Tanoak pickup truck as a concept vehicle.

The brutish vehicle rolled out onto the stage sporting four passenger doors, and a daylight front lighting treatment similar to the Cross Sport.

The vehicle would be built on the same platform as the Atlas and Cross Sport, VW's MQB platform. It would mark the larges vehicle made of the platform.

No mention was made if and where the truck would be produced.

PREVIOUS STORY: As German automaker Volkswagen prepares to unveil the new 5-seat Atlas SUV in the New York International Auto Show this week, several automotive web sites report that VW may have another card up its sleeve, in the form or a pickup truck.

Volkswagen has sold such a vehicle, called the Amarok, in several markets outside the U.S. for the past few years.

The pickup is expected to make its North American debut Wednesday as a concept vehicle, allowing VW to gauge interest and determine if production is warranted.

AutoBlog says "the truck is said to be based off the Atlas SUV structure. What's more, it would be built in the Chattanooga assembly plant in Tennessee, instead of being imported from elsewhere; the Amarok, for example, is built in Argentina."

The new truck would be a unibody construction and based on the MQB platform used by the 7-seat version of the Atlas SUV. The MQB platform is a modular design that allows a transverse (sideways) mounting of a vehicle's engine in a variety of different vehicles and help streamline production.

Volkswagen hasn't sold a pickup truck in the U.S since the early 1980, when a Rabbit light truck was built. The Rabbit line preceded the current Golf models in America.