An internet safety seminar was held Sunday in Ringgold, Georgia. 
Families were given practical tips on keeping children safe from cyber-bullying and online predators.

Almost everyone has a smart device... a phone, a tablet, a watch.
One family told Channel 3 they keep a close eye on what their children do, but they aren't sure if they are as safe as they can be.

John Winstanley, the CEO of Fort Safety, has a passion for protecting others from the dangers of the internet. 

"I was lost in the internet myself in the late 90s I was a different person I had a lot of anger and I went through a lot of stuff,” said John Winstanley, CEO of Fort Safety.  Winstanley says any type of cyber threat is only a few clicks away.

During Sunday’s session families learned about protecting their kids from internet pornography, trafficking predators, and other social media issues.
“I use the typical Snapchat Facebook and sometimes Instagram,” said Natalie Hope, teenager.

Highschooler, Natalie Hope, is attending this session because she wants to help her friends. 

“I have a friend actually that was affected by cyberbullying I also know some other friends that boys have asked them for certain things,” said Natalie Hope.

Natalie's mother, Michelle, is a teacher at Ringgold Elementary she says the internet is a helpful tool for students, but she knows there’s a downside.

“I also hear children in school talk about things that maybe aren't exactly what they should be on,” said Michelle Hope, teacher.

Winstanley suggests instead of taking away the devices, parents should be more interactive.

“If the parents would just spend a little bit of time being involved with their children's digital lives,” said Winstanley. “Use the internet with their children, not as a babysitter.”

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