A Chattanooga vehicular assault suspect is now behind bars.

Early Sunday morning, a Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper arrested 52-year-old Donald R Burton.

According to the arrest report, Burton was speeding and traveling on the wrong side of East Main Street just after 2:30 am. 

The trooper said Burton traveled into four different lanes and was traveling over 70 mph in 35 mph zone.

As Burton approached the intersection of E. Main Street and Dodds Avenue, he continued speeding and struck two vehicles.

He then tried to flee the scene of the accident, but his vehicle gave out after a block.

The trooper smelled a strong odor of an intoxicant coming from Burton. In addition, there were several open containers in the vehicle.

The trooper added that Burton caused "disabling damage" to the vehicles he hit.

Three people were transported to an area hospital with multiple injuries. 

A fourth victim was also injured.

Burton was taken into custody and faces the following charges:

  • DUI Second Offense
  • Vehicular Assault (x4)
  • Leaving Scene Accident Death or Personal Injury
  • Reckless Endangerment
  • Failure to Yield Right of Way

Burton is in the Hamilton County Jail. His bond is currently set at $17,000. This amount does not include the bond amount for the DUI charge, which will be set Monday.