The legacy of one Polk County Police Officer lives on today after she was killed in the line of duty.

The Detective Kristen Snead Hearne Memorial Foundation hosted a festival Saturday to raise money to give back to the community.

Detective Kristen Snead Hearne was gunned down September 29, 2017. Family members are honoring her life by providing financial support for those in need.

Detective Kristen Snead Hearne was working with the Polk County Police Department the night she lost her life.

“She responded as back up to a suspicious vehicle,” Patrick Snead, Executive Director, explained. “They were ambushed by two suspects. She was killed from gunshot wounds.”

Kristen's brother, Patrick Snead, created The Detective Kristen Snead Hearne Memorial Foundation to make a positive change in the community.

He hopes this foundation honors his sister's beliefs.

“I've heard stories from person after person after person of what kind officer she was, of what kind of person she was, how willing she wants to help those in need,” Snead added.

Snead says 100 percent of the proceeds from the festival will go toward enriching the lives of students wanting to go into law enforcement or criminal justice.

“Provide scholarships to Rockmart and Cedartown High School students, as well as addiction recovery sponsorships and Christmas sponsorships for underprivileged children,” Snead said.

Although Hearne was born in Chattooga County, Snead says his vision for the foundation is to reach many areas of North Georgia 

“Every area where Kristen's life took place and that includes Chattooga County, Floyd County, as well as Polk County,” said Snead.

Foundation board members will be meeting again after donations have been counted to see if scholarships will be available next school year.